Vermont’s End of Life Choice Law provides terminally ill patients more comfort, control and peace of mind in their final days.

The 2013 law established a private, voluntary way for terminally ill patients to secure medication they can use to control the timing of their imminent passing.

The law is working well. Many terminally ill Vermonters gain security and peace of mind through knowing they have more end-of-life choice and control. Some will pursue a prescription for the medication authorized by this law and a small number will fully utilize it.

Over the past year, Vermont health care providers and citizens have begun to learn about the availability of the law and how it works and terminally ill Vermonters now have access to willing providers.

Terminally ill patients interested in this law have experienced, trusted support available to them.

Compassion and Choices Vermont now provides expert patient counseling and referral, bedside volunteer support, and medical provider education.

To learn more, please call toll-free: 1 (800) 247-7421 or read “How it Works”

If you would like to help

Spread the word about Act 39.
To volunteer to help people interested in using the Act, or
To get more information about what’s going on in Vermont,
Please call Linda Waite-Simpson, State Director, Compassion and Choices Vermont
(802) 881-3189

Thanks for your support

Thank you to the volunteers, activists and supporters who helped to get Act 39 passed in the legislature in 2013. Please stay engaged as the 2015 Legislature reviews how this law is working.